Mutual by Ella Martin

from the community, for the community

This project is underpinned by the concept of mutual aid. This approach is used because the problems we are facing in fashion, and wider society alike, are ones which need drastic system change- and often this means using the systems that have stood the test of time, rather than innovation. Fashion creates an abhorrent amount of waste at every stage of a garments life- in sampling, production, and end of life. This process is fueled by the lack of transparency and locality in fashion, disconnecting consumers from their clothes. Mutual strives to rise above these systems, using only materials that have been saved from waste- because there are plenty of good materials to choose from being thrown away or donated locally. Pieces are designed to need no extra components or single use trims- instead utilising the materials to the fullest extent. Materials are sourced in a regenerative way: taken from people who did not want them, with resources gifted back into the community. Sourcing is centered in my home of West Auckland, to create meaningful connections with the place and its people. This broad and unpredictable process creates unique, instinct driven outcomes which are the true embodiment of the essential future of fashion.