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Impetus: the purpose of Mutual

Updated: Jan 24

Mutual is a project created as a response to a myriad of problems perpetuated in the fashion industry. These are problems that exist in most other industries and, at their core, they originate from capitalism. But, given that fashion is the fourth biggest industry in the world, it has a lot to answer for.

As a recent AUT graduate, it has been my greatest challenge to spend years learning about the horrors of the industry that I would soon be ejected into, and have to find my way. And as I spent my spare time learning about political and social systems, I developed strong criticisms of capitalism and how it has grown the fast fashion monster. This has created such a strong sense of abhorrence to the idea of having a typical industry job, as fueled by some years of experience in such job. So, with my position of some privilege, I have decided that I will see if I can make this work. A fashion structure that rejects new product, rejects profit hoarding, rejects detached communities, rejects worker disenchantment. If not to prove to others, then to prove to myself, that it can be done*.

So, I implore you to understand where this thinking has come from as I rant in these blog posts about the state of it all xx Ella

*by someone without rich parents.

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